Beyond Words

Posted by Cecilia Leger on 1:26 PM
I found this image at deviantart.com. I won't even attempt to tell you why I like it so much. Like all the other things in today's post: it is beyond words.

As I looked for this song, I found a site with the English translation of the lyrics. I navigated quickly away from the page. I don't want to know what the words mean, at least not yet. I want to concentrate on the beauty of her voice and music, which transcend the boundaries of language. The song is L'Appuntamento, sung here in Italian by the original artist, Ornella Vanoni. If you think it sounds familiar, it's because the song was used in one of the first scenes of Ocean's Twelve.

Dawn Mist
Another example of something that does not need my words, lifted shamelessly from one of the blogs I follow (http://oneloosenut.blogspot.com). I'll reserve my commentary, save an entreaty for you to click on the image so you can be blessed by the rest of Michael's work, just as I have been! The photograph is titled Dawn Mist and was taken recently in Upstate NY.


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