Posted by Cecilia Leger on 2:25 PM
(During Sabbath school, Dave asked us to think about what man's glory had been before the fall...these are my thoughts.)

It was absurd. That he should be down there, kneeling in the dirt. It was beneath his station and he didn’t even seem to notice or care. Muscles taunt and straining underneath the hot sun. Mud seeping and oozing through this fingers. A smudge on his face from where he wiped his brow. And a silly, besotted smile tugging at his mouth as he worked.

One word, one thought, and humanity would have burst into existence. Instead he toiled.

I will give him strength.

He fashioned.

I will make her beautiful.

He crafted.

They’re going to need a sense of humor!

He formed.

And creativity.

He dreamed.

They will bear my image.

He planned.

They must have free will.

Even before the light of that first dawn, he was intimately involved, personally invested. Deeply committed. Every detail was designed, nothing overlooked or forgotten. His hands worked with deliberate care; he knew no hurry.

They belong to eternity. They belong to me.

There was no hesitation as he leaned down to breathe life into his creation; there was only joy. “It is very good.”

“He loves us with passion, without regrets. He cannot love more and will not love less.” (Michael Card)


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