Lesbian Spank Inferno

Posted by Cecilia Leger on 7:00 AM
It’s been 16 posts and I’ve not uttered a single word about Coupling. That must be some sort of record in self-restraint. I deserve an award. Actually, I’ve been agonizing about this entry. If I hype the show up too much, I fear I’ll drive expectations up too high and you won’t like it. If I don’t introduce it properly, you might get the idea that I’m just casually mentioning some TV program I like. See my dilemma? Such a thin line!

Here’s the thing: watch the clip and form your own opinion. If you enjoy it, let me know! If you don’t, find yourself another Cecilia. No pressure.

In this clip, Steve’s girlfriend finds some of his porn while cleaning his apartment, a film titled Lesbian Spank Inferno. During a dinner party, he is challenged to describe the plot as he argues that the film is not porn but erotica.


I tried to find another Cecilia, but apparently you're one of a kind! ;)
I'll check out the clip when I get home and can actually turn on my speakers.

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